Farinah Husodo
Farinah Husodo

Farinah is a practicing architect in Melbourne, Australia. She served in the building and construction industry for 15 years. 

Her passion is to help homeowners design their dream homes using Future Home Design concept.

What kind of home would you build beyond 2023?

If you are a homeowner who has foresight for the future of housing, what kind of home would you build beyond 2023?

If you look at your current home, is there anything you would change if you can start all over again to build your home from scratch? Or maybe you discover a feature in your current home that you can’t live without.

Those are some things that homeowners need to explore and discover before your next home-building or renovation project.

These are words and thoughts that homeowners say about their homes:

  • “In our next home, we don’t want to live in a two-storey home.”
  • “When I am rebuilding the home, I won’t do what was done to this home with all the holes and gaps behind the joinery cupboards and pipes”.
  • “We are glad that we trusted the architect and did this room the way it is now. It was a stretch to our budget at the time, but this is the most used room and still our favourite room 10 years later”.
  • “What are we going to do with this big house in the next few years when the children moved out? We need to build something that is only for the two of us living in there.”
  • “We want to build a home that will last us a long time and not inherit the existing problem of a house that is poorly built and maintained”.

Awareness and understanding of what makes your home a personal and unique sanctuary is an important aspect to discover. Once you have a clearer vision of those, you can make better decisions on what kind of home you and your family would like to live in.

The most rewarding interactions I had with homeowner clients are those with clients who are aware of what they define as their home.

It doesn’t start with the external looks, features, or styles of the home.

It started with WHY they want to do what they do; renovation, extension, or building their own homes.

What is the meaning of home to them and their family? The meaning and value they hold will become a compass that directs them in the decision-making for the design, the choice of materials, and many others.

Let’s face it, home is the biggest investment and purchase most people have ever made. We worked 20-30 years to pay off the loan for this purchase. Deep down, we don’t just invest in our homes because it looks good or feels good. There is a deeper value that we hold on to about the meaning of a home, to us and to our family.

In light of the future home that you envision you and your family want to live in, what kind of home would you build beyond 2023?

Would you?

  1. Build an energy-efficient home because you foresee that gas and electricity price keeps going up every year.
  2. Incorporate a home office and flexible multipurpose room in your home because of what we experienced during the pandemic and lockdown.
  3. Design an indoor-outdoor theme home so you have access to natural sunlight and good indoor air quality for healthy home living.
  4. Build a home that you never have to leave or move out considering how troublesome and expensive it is to move home every time you experience change in your life.
  5. Build a home where you can live through your golden years in your own home without the stress of excessive maintenance chores and costly utility bills.

If you are nodding your head or there is a tick in your heart to some of the home features above, you have made brilliant observations and assessments.

They are some of the future home features that I wrote about in the book Future Home Design.

In fact, some of those features are already incorporated into the new Building Code, National Construction Code; NCC 2022, which will take full effect this year.

If you are a discerning homeowner who would like to build your home beyond 2023, we would like to help you on your journey.

There is value in research and planning before you embark on the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your life. We’ll do the research to save you time and costly mistakes and plan it together with you to ensure the success of your vision and project.

It is our pleasure to journey with you so you and your family can live in a home that you never have to leave!

Book our Free clarity call to help you with the research and planning for your next home.

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