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Design Your Future Home - A Home You Never Have To Leave

Architecturally design a home that evolves with different seasons of your life

A place to build memories

Feel the warmth of a home full of wonderful memories

A place of modern comfort​

Every room designed to give you comfort for today and the future

A place for future living​

A smart home designed to save money on the running costs and eliminate the need to move or renovate

As Melbourne Architects we believe you should Live In a home that Adapts to Different Phases of your life

Without planning for your Future Home you create a lot of pressure you don’t need

We understand that life changes and so do the needs you have for your home

Moving Your Family and Changing the Location of Your Home Can Be Stressful And Costly

You deserve a home that will evolve with different Phases of your life

We at Studio M514 desire to help you with all your home building and renovation needs. We not only offer to architecturally design a beautiful home, but we also offer partnership and practicality during construction. We will walk alongside you through every stage of construction from beginning to end to ensure you get the home you need.

Future Home Design

A Future Home is a home that serves the homeowners’ current and future changing needs.

A home that grows and moulds with your life, a home to build long-term memories and legacy.

Farinah Husodo

Quote taken from Farinah’s new book, Future Home Design

Follow these 4 simple steps to creating your future home.

Request a free consultation call

Fill in questionnaire and connect through video conferencing to understand your needs and aspirations.

Customised next step plan created​

Customised plan to give you clarity and certainty on your goal, budget, brief and site potential.​

Architecture & Construction begins​​

The design and building of your Future Home begins.​​

Obtain the keys and move in​

Start enjoying your new season of living in your Future Home

Come Home Each Day To A Place Of Peace, Knowing You Have Made The Right Decision. A Home That Meets All Your Needs And More. A Home You'll Never Want To Leave.

Live in a home you love that easily adapts with every season of your life.​

Save money and energy on renovation and relocation.​

Feel safe and at ease living in a Home that lasts for generations.


Living in a home that doesn't suit your needs can make life feel more uncomfortable than it has to be, forcing you to move and leave an area you love. Design a home you never have to leave; a home you will always love.

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