We Are Passionate Of Designing Future Home For Your and Your Family

At Studio M514, we know that you want to live in a home that adapts to your ever-changing life; from single to couple, to young family, to growing family, to empty nester, to retirement.

In order to do that, you need the right architect to design your home to meet your current and future needs.

When your home does not accommodate all the different seasons of your life, it can be stressful and frustrating when changes come.

We believe you shouldn’t have to leave precious memories behind, nor experience the emotional strain that comes with moving home.

We understand that even though life changes, that doesn’t mean the location of your home should. With 15 years of architectural experience and being the expert in Future Home design, Studio M514 can help.

Let Me Help You With Your Architect Designed Future Home

Bachelor of Architecture With Honours

Registered Architect

15 Years of Experience

5 Years of Own Practice

Engages in Humanitarian Work.

Expert in Future Home Design

Author of “Future Home Design”​

Follow these 4 simple steps to creating your future home.

Request a free consultation call

Fill in questionnaire and connect through video conferencing to understand your needs and aspirations.

Customised next step plan created​

Customised plan to give you clarity and certainty on your goal, budget, brief and site potential.​

Architecture & Construction begins​​

The design and building of your Future Home begins.​​

Obtain the keys and move in​

Start enjoying your new season of living in your Future Home

Book a Free Consultation now to discuss your options and transform your home

Don’t design a home that will not adapt to the different seasons of your life, forcing you to experience the emotional challenges of leaving a place that has so many memories. Instead, design a home that evolves and easily adapts to all the seasons of your life.

Our team consists of passionate and skilled specialists who know how to work through the complexity of the journey to make it easy and pleasurable experience for you. This creates a basis for lasting relationships with our clients built on trust and mutual understanding.

We are devoted to creating unique and innovative solutions and providing high-quality supporting services.

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