Farinah Husodo
Farinah Husodo

Farinah is a practicing architect in Melbourne, Australia. She served in the building and construction industry for 15 years. 

Her passion is to help homeowners design their dream homes using Future Home Design concept.

Investment Or Expenses?

Do you see a home improvement project as an investment or expense?

Would you choose to do your home improvement project or keep your money in the bank? Or cash out your current family home?

You are a family with teenagers living at home. Your teenagers will soon be young adults, pursuing further education, possibly still living at home to save on rental costs.

You notice a change in the way they live at home compared to when they were young. They live in their bedroom 😱 their little abode and personal private space. 

Currently, their bedrooms are too small for them, and the family room at the back seemed to be their favourite place to hang out with their friends who are visiting.

It helps your interactions and relationship with your teenagers when they have their comfort zone and you have yours. 

You have been thinking of doing something for your home to foster better interactions and bonding with your teenagers, but you are uncertain and stuck in your decision. 

Is it worth doing this home improvement project? Or rebuild your home?

What do you consider a home improvement project? An investment in your family, that is the foundation of your life and well-being? Or is it an expense? 

Is this home improvement going to make a difference in your home’s future resale value?

If you relate to the same scenario and questions, you are not alone. 

Many homeowners with teenagers living at home are experiencing the same dilemma and decision fatigue.

Where do you lean towards when it comes to home improvement topics? Investment or expense? 

We will share our thoughts on how you can have more clarity on this topic in our next post.

Keep warm and enjoy your hot coffee or tea!


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