Farinah Husodo
Farinah Husodo

Farinah is a practicing architect in Melbourne, Australia. She served in the building and construction industry for 15 years. 

Her passion is to help homeowners design their dream homes using Future Home Design concept.

House Style vs Future Home Value

As homeowners, we love to see those glossy magazines with beautiful pictures of home style that inspire us!

You fall in love with those homes, and you can imagine turning your home into one of those homes; whether it is the minimalist style, the modern style, the Scandinavian style or the Hamptons style, etc.

Which do you choose to focus on when it comes to upgrading your home? House style or future home value?

As savvy homeowners, you want your home to fit your lifestyle comfortably and increase its future value. If you see your home like our body, it consists of the frame and the skin. Your house value is embedded in the frame of your home. The house style is the skin/appearance of your home. 

Style is a seasonal trend but value is long-lasting.

As nice and inspiring as those glossy home styles, you need to have the frame in the correct place first before you can put on the style.

Your house frame is elements such as your home layout that maximize the space, the orientation of your home when it catches the sun, and the insulation in the wall, floor and roof to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Those elements are embedded in the frame of your home, and they are long-lasting value. The style of your home is something that you can easily change over a period of time, just like fashion.

This Domain article HERE shows what savvy homeowners and renters are looking for in the current market. They are looking for long-term value rather than styles. 

As informed homeowners, you’ll be rewarded with increased future home value if you are aware of where the market is heading.

Where do you sit in your strategy when you are upgrading your home? Styles or 🤷‍♀️ Value?

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